Diet Choices – What is the Best Kind of Diet?

There are hundreds of diets on the market and it is true that the most common diets are either high protein diets or low fat diets. The most successful type of diet though is not the protein or fat level but is instead the way in which you eat.

For over 50 years diets have changed little. Research has shown us that a high protein diet is going to help you lose weight in the short term and that a low fat 2 week diet is going to work in the medium term but the problem with all diets is that in the long term they simply do not work.

Research shows that over a year the most successful diets will help you lose a total of 10 pounds.
10 pounds is hardly something to write home about but this number has not changed in many many years and this is due to the fact that all diets are based on eating the same foods day after day and this has proven to be a bad practice.

So now that we know that all diets work and that few are effective. And when I say that few are effective I am including such diets as Jenny Craig , Atkins and Weight Watchers. What is there to offer as an alternative?

The best diet alternative is to do a cycled diet. This is a diet that you do for a few days and then go off of and this kind of diet although not popular is the only diet that can help anyone to lose weight fast, easily and permanently.

A cycled diet by its very nature is a diet that will have you eat certain foods or to eat a certain way for 5-7 days and then take 3 to 4 days off and during those days you eat different types of foods. The idea of the cycled diet appears to be the Body For Life plan although that plan had you eat a certain way for 6 days and then take one day off of the diet.

From the old days of the Body for Life diet things have changed over the last few years to lead us to longer and longer cycles. With research as well as trial and error finally there is an internet based diet that has achieved a satisfaction level of 97%. This ultra successful diet has been branded as Fat Loss for Idiots.

Fat Loss for Idiots is so successful because at its very core of cyclical dieting it has you do nine days on the diet and four days off the diet. The successes for the Fat Loss for Idiots diet are hard to dispute and the success stories are overwhelming. One other advantage that has Fat Loss for Idiots succeeding for so many people is that fact that the diet is not premade, all of the items in the Fat Loss for Idiots diet are sold in grocery stores.

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