7 Things To Do & Decide Before Booking a Wedding Venue in the US

Your wedding venue is more than just a place to host and celebrate your wedding ceremony. Choosing a wedding venue is a big deal, it sets the tone, and provides a stunning backdrop for picture perfect wedding. The options are endless. From quaint bistros to grand hotels, modern cityscapes to rustic barns, urban rooftops to sprawling gardens – picking one is an overwhelming process.

Selecting the right venue plays a major role, not only to the look and feel of your celebration but also on your wedding budget. However, don’t just jump into hunting mode yet. There are a number of pre-venue booking tasks and decisions you should tackle before leaping forward.

1. Draft Out Your Budget

This is the first and foremost factor when it comes to choosing a wedding resort. Different venues come up with a different budget. Before visiting a particular wedding venue in person, make sure it fits within your budget. Otherwise, you may just be wasting your time.

2. Determine Your Style

A formal soirée at a grand hotel or a casual celebration with outdoor elements? A modern urban ambiance or a rustic country feel? A lakeside retreat or downtown chic? Deciding your wedding style is another important factor. Every couple has their own vision and to meet that vision you need to pick a venue that suits your desires. Nail down your wedding style and start looking for a venue that fits your description and budget.  

3. Make Your Guest List

Knowing how many guests you are expecting to have at your wedding before finalizing your venue not only protect you from headaches down the road but also help you break down your wedding budget. The cost of your wedding venue also depends on the guests’ strength. So, try to keep your guest list small and interesting.

4. Pick a Venue Before Deciding a Theme

This is the most common mistake couples make which can make them pay more than what they’ve actually decided. The venue you select often dictates which themes are appropriate with space. Most venues charge you extra to change their setup and walls’ color to mold the space according to your theme. If you don’t want to go over-budget, know the space before deciding your theme and colors.

5. Be Open for Outdoor Celebration

Flowers and other decor items can add up a lot to your wedding costs. Choosing a venue for your ceremony that makes use of natural views and landscapes can dramatically lower decoration cost. An outdoor wedding venue is comprised of natural beauty, well-designed gardens, and attractive courtyards to offer a picturesque backdrop. Make use of these natural elements than paying thousands for the floral arrangement.

6. Do Your Homework

Do your proper homework to select a venue that meets both your style and budget. Make a comparison chart, contact different venues and note down their budget with the amenities they are offering. Compare the prices of different venues along with their facilities to sort out 3 to 5 decent options. Now, weigh these options to choose one that suits your priorities the best. No matter which venue you select, do not forget this is the place where you’re going to celebrate the biggest day of your life with your close people. So, it should be the right venue for your joyful gathering.

7. Ask Relevant Question

Once you find a venue within your budget, don’t be afraid of asking questions to make the right decision. The answers to your questions can make a great impact on your wedding budget. Some venues provide full service including decoration, catering, vendors, music, etc. Know your needs and examine whether a venue is meeting your needs within your budget or not. Do not skip reading the contract before making a final deal and putting down a deposit.

A wedding ceremony is a joyous occasion and picking an affordable venue to host your celebrations can make a huge difference. Follow these tips to find the right wedding place and get ready to enjoy the best experience of your life.