About Us

I’m Emma, a wedding enthusiast (no, not a planner, just a fan). I’m not one of those guests that rolls her eyes and sighs when yet another wedding invite arrives in the mailbox – I get all giddy and start immediately planning shopping trips for the cutest cocktail dress ever 😉

I’ve been to a ton of weddings, stood up in several and recently got married myself, so I’ve kind of been exposed to it all when it comes to planning woes and questions. I’m a pretty cost-conscious person, although I am not afraid to invest in an extraordinary experience either. So on this blog I try to share what I’ve learned about pricing wedding services out, interviewing vendors and even cutting back on expenses where it makes sense.

I hope my tips are immensely helpful to any readers in the process of planning a wedding so they can have the time of their lives, minus any unnecessary stress.