Amazing Ideas to Keep Your Wedding Flower Budget Under Control

Weddings are incomplete without flowers. The elegance, color, and aroma of flowers play a unique role in adding an attractive and amazing appeal to your wedding ceremony. From decorations to bouquets to centerpieces, flowers can be used in different ways. But remember, you need to spend approx 8 to 10% of your total wedding budget on the floral arrangement alone.

According to a survey conducted by Business Insider, the flowering cost in an American wedding ranges between $2,379 and $6,050. This floral cost varies depending on different factors, such as:

  • Wedding venue
  • Flower type
  • Number of flowers
  • Time or season of the year
  • Flower arrangement size
  • At what time you place your order

When it comes to floral decorations and arrangements for your big day, you have so many options to pick from. Now, let’s discuss some amazing ideas to keep your wedding flower budget at a minimum.

1. Decide Your Budget

This is the first and foremost step you need to consider before looking out for your favorite flowers. Once you decide your budget, share it with your wedding florist and planner. They are the people who are well-trained in organizing weddings can definitely help you in creating something you desire within your budget.

2. Select a Flower Inspired Venue

The venue you choose for your wedding can make or break your whole wedding budget. When you’re running on a tight budget, going with a flower inspired wedding venue can be a smart move. As flowers inspired venues come with a complete floral arrangement, it means you do not need to spend extra on deciding your wedding flower budget. All you need to do is make some changes depending on your wedding theme.

3. Go with Seasonal Flowers

Choosing in-season flowers can also help you keep your wedding flower budget under control. Going with off-season flowers can be an expensive deal as you or your florists have to order them from other city or county.

4. Be Creative

During flower selection for your special day, you need to be innovative and resourceful to be within your budget. As you know floral centerpieces are expensive (as you’ve to pay for flowers, vases, and arrangement). In this case, you should go with jars instead of vases. It can help you to cut down flower and décor cost almost a half. 

4. Pick Cheaper Flowers

You can find a wide range of varieties when it comes to choosing flowers for your wedding. Flowers such as gerbera daisies and carnation are probably the cheapest option than others. You can mix them up with other flowers to come up with a picturesque arrangement.

5. Buy Larger Blooms

Choosing larger flowers means you need to purchase fewer stems to get a fuller look. When you choose small flowers, they cost you more than your expectation. If you do not want to overbudget, go for larger blooms.

6. Go Green

There are many other alternatives to lower your wedding flowers cost. Rather than using flowers, you can add lots of greenery to achieve an elegant look. Leaves can be just as incredible as flowers and they are much cheaper too. Also, adding greenery to your wedding value can be a great affair to bring nature inside.

7. Repurpose Your Blooms

You don’t need to purchase separate blooms for different wedding ceremonies. You may talk about this plan with your florist. With smart planning, they can move your wedding ceremony flowers to the reception venue. This can again save you big bucks.

8. Go Organized

Early planning is always a good choice. The early you make a plan for your wedding, the more you can save. So, plan ahead and hire a wedding florist at least 6 months before the actual wedding day. This is a great idea to have enough time to discuss your plan with your florist and turn your vision of wedding floral arrangement into reality. I hope these tips will help you keep your wedding flower costs within a budget that you can afford. Feel free to consider these ideas and save a fortune on your wedding flowers.