Cost of Custom Wedding Gown- A Synopsis

A lot of brides are excited to buy a wedding gown. Perhaps, buying a wedding gown is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for every bride. In the US, the average price of a wedding dress is more than $1200.

Most brides look for a wedding dress that complements them and makes them feel and look beautiful, inside out. Here custom wedding gown plays a vital role. A custom wedding gown is made for the bride considering her body measurements, complexion, and height. Regardless of the bride’s size, the custom made wedding gown fits her perfectly. If you are looking to buy a custom wedding gown for your special day, but are concerned about its cost, below you will find some of the useful facts to decide your budget.

Cost of Customized Wedding Gown

There are basically two price ranges of wedding gowns – mid-range and high range. In the mid-range, you can expect to pay somewhere between $500 to $1,000 for a custom made wedding gown. It includes a small to medium lace and beading work. You can easily get it from a local wedding gown boutique or from an online store.

The high-end custom-made wedding gown is made of silk and it may cost you between $2,000 to $5,000. Elaborated with beautiful beads and hand-sticked lace, you can get it from a high-end boutique or some renowned boutiques. According to the Bridal Association of America, the average cost of a wedding dress is around $1,505.

Things to Remember

When buying a ready-made wedding gown, you might need to pay extra for alterations that can go from $20 for a small tuck in the bodice to $200 or more.

But if you are planning to buy a custom made wedding gown, you don’t need to pay extra for alteration as it is designed according to your figure. However, if you want to bespoke embellishments or beading, you need to pay extra. The cost of custom made wedding gown varies designer to designer.

When planning to go with the custom wedding gown, make sure to get started early, for example, two to five months earlier. This will give you and your designer sufficient time to settle on the best wedding gown for your big day.