How Much Does a Cabo Beach Wedding Cost?

Cabo is one of the most elite destinations for couples. If you dream of a luxurious tropical wedding, Cabo should be at the top of your list. With premier resorts, delectable food, private beaches, and landscape you won’t find elsewhere, there’s magic involved in every Cabo beach wedding.

Putting the magic aside, though, how much will a Cabo beach wedding cost? On average, expect to pay around $27,000 for a Cabo wedding with fewer than 50 guests. We know that number seems shocking since you are getting married away from home. We help you understand the reasons below.

It’s More Than a Wedding

The first thing you should come to grips with is that Cabo beach weddings cost just as much, if not more, than a wedding at home. Why? Because you get luxuries you probably can’t get in your hometown. Things like private beach access, exclusive venue use, and highly personalized experiences all cost money. Compare it to the wedding options you have at home and money suddenly won’t seem like an issue.

It’s not unusual for a custom Cabo wedding to cost as much as $650 per person or more. This figure just takes into account the wedding itself. It doesn’t factor in airfare or overnight accommodations. But if you have a luxurious, tropical wedding in mind, nothing compares to Cabo.

The Resort Plays a Role

Cabo has numerous premier resorts. Let’s face it. Why choose a destination wedding if you aren’t going to go for the gold when it comes to a resort?

Cabo has world-class resorts that cater to all of your guests. Whether you have only a few people or a few hundred, the beach wedding resorts have amenities, activities, and elements for everyone on your list. The beach resorts do more than host your wedding – they plan the stay for you and your guests to have an exhilarating experience. Some resorts offer extensive activities for nature lovers or foodies, while others offer quaint, relaxing experiences for you and your guests after your beachside wedding.

The Type of Wedding

What type of wedding will you have in Cabo? Do you want a civil ceremony or a symbolic wedding? The civil ceremony is similar to the courthouse wedding here, except you are on the beautiful Cabo beaches. If you want a more elaborate wedding ceremony as you would find in the United States or Canada, it will cost more.

Symbolic weddings allow you to personalize every detail of the ceremony. Create your own vows, choose the officiant, choose special songs, and make the wedding ceremony match the wedding you have in your dreams. Keep in mind, though, you’ll still need a civil ceremony in either Cabo or back home to make the wedding legal.

Choose the Accommodations

Once you have the wedding ceremony planned, you must plan the accommodations for you and your guests. You must choose vendors, venues, food, activities, and overnight accommodations for guests attending your wedding.

Do you want guest concierge services to ensure the happiness of your guests? Do you want a custom wedding planner to attend to all of the details of your wedding to truly make it the most magical day of your life? Will your guests stay at your resort or a resort nearby? Are you covering the cost of their activities while they are there for your big day?

Beach Cabo weddings are things that dreams are made of – if you’ve always dreamt of exchanging vows on the gorgeous blue seas, consider a wedding in Cabo. Whether you bring a few guests or a few hundred guests, a Cabo beach wedding makes all of your dreams come true.