How Much Does a Wedding Ceremony Music Cost

Music and wedding complement each other quite well. When thinking about a wedding, dance and music are one of the first things that hit our mind. All weddings need some music in some form, be it background music, DJs or live performances. Of course, no wedding is complete without music. According to the 2017 Real Weddings Study of Knot, the average cost of a wedding ceremony was $33,391, which is a big price tag.

The cost of wedding ceremony music depends on several factors. For example type of music/musician you choose, location, and others. When looking for wedding ceremony music, you may get several music options to choose from. The cost of each option varies. You can choose a live soloist to enjoy live music at your wedding ceremony, a live duo, a group or a DJ to play pre-recorded tracks, specially made for a wedding.

Even the cost of wedding ceremony music also varies from region to region. In Boston and New York, you need to pay between $500 to $700 for wedding ceremony music.

In Oregon, Portland, Los Angeles and other cities on the West Coast, wedding music may cost you between $600 to $1500. Compared to other options, Live music is quite expensive as it takes years of practice to master an instrument. Even the musician needs to travel to the wedding location accompanies with his/her band or instruments. So, for their time and effort, they charge a good amount which is completely justified.

You can look for wedding ceremony packages as well. These packages are designed according to the wedding venue (indoor or outdoor), when and what type of music has to be played, if amplification is required or not, etc. The cost of wedding ceremony music has increased over the past few years. If you are seeking quality music for your wedding ceremony, you need to keep in mind that an average wedding musician costs $500 in the US.