How Much Does a Wedding DJ Cost?

Do you dream of the dance floor at your wedding reception filled with dance, laughter, and fun all night long? If so, you need a quality wedding DJ. You need someone to do more than play music in the room – you need someone that can get the crowd going, bringing everyone in on the fun.

Just how much is a professional DJ going to cost? It depends on many factors.

The Average Cost of a DJ

According to a study conducted by the Knot, a DJ costs an average of $1,231 for the night. Of course, this varies based on your location. For example, DJ services for a wedding in Booneville, Mississippi are likely going to cost much less than a wedding DJ in Buffalo, NY. It comes down to the cost of living in each area, and New York is generally more expensive than Mississippi, so keep that in mind when considering your budget.

Factors That Affect the Cost of a DJ

All DJs have different packages, but some factors affect the overall cost of a DJ:

  • Experience – A more experienced DJ will cost more money. As a tradeoff, though, he’ll offer a much better time at your wedding. Do you want a DJ that can run the show – making announcements, calling out dances, and playing the music the crowd wants to hear? Do you want a DJ that can keep your guests entertained all night long or a DJ that just plays music and goes home? You get what you pay for with DJ services.
  • Time – How much time the DJ invests in your wedding determines the cost too. DJs work on your event long before your actual big day. They meet with you, discuss your likes/dislikes beforehand, and basically plan your event before they arrive. DJs also need to account for their time spent traveling. If he/she has to travel very far, there could be additional charges.
  • Add-ons – DJs can do more than play music. Many offer lighting services, video screen projections, photo booths, or karaoke machines. Each add-on will increase the cost of the services, but add to the fun of the night!
  • Demand – If you book the hottest DJ in town, expect to pay more. People want their services and will be willing to pay for them. If you choose a newer DJ that people don’t know about yet or one that doesn’t quite advertise much, you may get away with smaller fees, but will the experience be the same?

How to Save Money on a DJ

We know you want the best DJ services in town, so how do you save a little bit on the cost? Here are a few tips:

  • Choose an ‘off date’ – Find out when wedding season is a bit slow in your area. Late summer and early fall are typically filled with weddings. If that’s the case in your area, consider a spring or early summer wedding to save some coin.
  • Choose a smaller time package – If you have your heart set on a certain DJ, but need to limit the costs, decrease the number of hours the DJ serves at your wedding. Whether you use your own playlist of music while your guests mingle and eat or you cut the DJ services early in the night, you can limit the cost of the DJ without sacrificing the DJ you want.
  • Get married on a weekday – The Knot 2018 Real Weddings Study reports that 1 in 5 weddings occur Monday through Friday as costs are far less on these days.

Your DJ plays a vital role in the level of fun at your wedding. Your DJ is your emcee, entertainment, and music all rolled into one person. Budget accordingly to have the experience you desire at your wedding and be prepared to have the night of your life.