How Much Does an Indian Destination Wedding Cost?

If you and your loved one have ever imagined having an Indian destination wedding, you’re definitely not alone. Many South Asian and Indian couples across the world dream of hosting a destination wedding. Whether it is a beach wedding, a mountain top wedding, or a luxury resort wedding, a destination wedding does require a little more planning than a regular wedding.

From different essential factors, you need to take into consideration, the most important one is probably the cost of the wedding. There are several additional expenses associated with a destination wedding you need to aware of from the beginning to plan your wedding budget.

If you’re also planning to have a dream destination wedding, you’ve landed at the right place. In this post, you will find a list of elements you need to take into consideration to plan your destination wedding budget and make some lifelong romantic memories.

Let’s take a look at the budget breakdown of destination wedding certain costs:

  • Wedding Type

The type of wedding you choose to have will definitely impact the cost of the event. Whereas a traditional American or Canadian wedding is just one day, an Indian or South Asian wedding could span across several. A South Asian style wedding is typically at least 3 days long and includes far more guests, which raises the overall investment needed to pull off an affair of this size. And among South Asian weddings, there are differences in cost too based on the traditions included into the various events. For instance, a Sikh destination wedding is often slightly less expensive than a Muslim destination wedding. So if you’re planning an Indian destination wedding, it’s ideal to work with a planner or destination management company to craft an all-inclusive package that makes the occasion more affordable.

  • Wedding Venue

The location you choose is another vital element while planning for a destination wedding. Your wedding venue is something that can make or break your whole wedding budget as you have to allocate approx 50% of your total wedding budget to the venue. You need to keep lots of things into your mind from your desired wedding location, such as the features of the venue and how coveted the location is. For example, if you’re having a

  • Travel Expenses

Depending on how far away the venue is and your guest count, travel costs can really add up. Whether you’re planning a domestic destination wedding or an international destination wedding, you should set aside some budget for travel expenses. Your travel budget includes the travel expenses of the couple and all involved. Offering tickets to your guests is certainly a nice gesture to make them feel happy. To get travel deals and discounts, you can contact a travel agency. However, while you could possibly work with a travel agency to book a package-style destination wedding in Jamaica, this approach would be less advisable in some areas of Italy where tourism is less commercialized and weddings are more luxurious.

  • Accommodations

A destination wedding can be a multi-day affair. While planning about accommodations, make sure to consider accommodation expenses for not only yourselves but for your guests too. Like travel expenses, you can pay for your guests’ accommodations to show your love and affection (but, not compulsory).

  • Wedding Planner

Your wedding planner is the most crucial investment for your destination wedding. A wedding planner is someone who is always there to assist you with your wedding details that you can’t handle from your home. Your wedding planner is the base of your destination wedding, so you need to choose him wisely. For instance, you’d highly benefit from a Lake Como Wedding Planner to help plan an exclusive, high fashion wedding in this region to assist with every detail of crafting an extraordinary event, including often overlooked details that can impact the flow of the event such as navigating the water transportation, choosing the ideal town, venue for your style, etc.

  • Legal Fees

Last but not least, do not forget about legal fees. As you may know, different counties and states have different requirements for making a wedding legal. There could be varying additional legal charges for notarized documents, filing fees, etc. Along with building a little wiggle space into your wedding budget for these charges, you should ensure everything is squared away early in the procedure to arrive at your wedding destination with all required paperwork.

In order to plan and execute the budget of your destination wedding without sacrificing quality, you should consider all the aforementioned essential elements. These tips not only help you draft out your wedding expenses but also cause you to head straight to happy celebration.