Planning a Budget-Friendly Wedding in America: Do’s and Don’ts

Wedding planning is supposed to be the happiest time in a couple’s life. If you’re running on a tight budget, it becomes hard to calculate exactly where to spend good money or where to cut costs. For instance, let’s say you’re getting married in Florida and you’re hiring a high quality Sarasota wedding photographer, you might need to cut back in other areas like flowers or food. If you want to prioritize where There are several rules to consider to make your wedding budgeting a breeze.

Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts from industry’s experts to have a startling and budget conscious wedding. Let’s take a thorough look:

Wedding Do’s:

1. Stick to Your Budget

The common mistake most couples make is not budgeting properly. Firstly plan out your budget to determine how much money you can spend on your wedding ceremony and then stick to it no matter what.

2. Choose the Same Location for the Ceremony & Reception

Booking separate venues for hosting your wedding ceremony and reception can make a big difference in your wedding budget. By having both your wedding ceremony and reception in the same venue you can save your money and time.

3. Limit Your Guest List

This can be tricky but having a small and intimate wedding celebration with selected people can help you keep your costs down. Prepare your guest list and add your immediate family members and close friends to it to have an incomparable experience.

4. Pick an Off-Season Date

Depending on the location you reside, there is a wedding season and the costs of everything from venues to florists to vendors are really high during this time. To save some dough, choose an off-peak date for your wedding.

5. Skimp on Your Venue

It’s not a compulsion to hold your wedding at an exclusive resort or art gallery to make it a memorable event. You can arrange the same in your backyards or a local community hall to cut down your wedding budget to an extent

6. Be Flexible

By compromising on certain details, you can plan a budget-friendly wedding in no time. Making floral arrangement in your wedding venue using your favorite real flowers can be insanely expensive. Why not mix artificial flowers rather than using real flowers all alone. If a square cake is half the price of a round cake, why not go with it. By being flexible wherever possible can help you save a fortune.

Wedding Don’ts:

1. Avoid Having an Open Bar

If you don’t want to go out of budget, avoid hosting a bunch of people and telling them that drinks are free. Bartenders cost too much and the drinks are even more expensive. The good idea is to offer limited free drinks to your guests without spending a huge chunk of your budget.

2. Ignore DIY Everything

A couple can keep their wedding costs down by doing some of the work themselves. The idea of doing DIY crafts on your own can ruin your complete wedding fun. If you’ve ever thought about it, drop this idea now.

3. Skip the Idea of Having a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings sound exquisitely beautiful but they are costly and stressful affair most of the times. But if you’ve always dreamt of a destination wedding, skip the idea of a far-flung wedding. You can pick a nearby location to get the most out of your big day within your budget.

4. Do not Invite Distant People

Your wedding day is one of the most special occasions of your life so why not celebrate it with only those who you really love. Do not feel obligated by inviting distant people members. Invite only those who you really want to be a part of your big day. It will be an affordable deal and even more special affair for the happy couple.

5. Do Not Skimp on the Food

Food is the most essential part to make it a memorable event for all involved. It doesn’t mean you have to contact top caterers of the city to offer a 5-star meal taste to your guests. Do proper research and hire the best caterers of your area within your budget and deliver what your guests actually want.

6. Do Not Trash Your Wedding Dress

The trend of “Trash the Wedding Dress” party is growing day by day. On this event, the bride arranges a get together with her bridesmaids and close friends to destroy her wedding dress. Do not forget your wedding dress is that piece of clothing you’ve spent thousands of dollars. Rather than trashing the dress you can resell it to make a bit of cash.  

Follow these rules to host a frugal wedding ceremony within your budget. Consider following these tips while making your wedding plan and turn your big day into a fairytale wedding experience for you as well as your guests.