The Average Wedding Photographer Cost in America’s 7 Most Visited Cities

So you’re getting married…congratulations! You have selected your wedding venue, outfits, caterers, and everything else is going smoothly as you’ve planned. Now it is time to select your wedding photographer, a professional who is dedicated to capturing and delivering you with special pictures of your wedding ceremony you’re going to treasure forever. These images are the memories of your big day that will never fade away.

Hiring a professional photographer makes sure you get high-quality pictures using the latest equipment. If you are seeking the cost of the average wedding photographer cost in America, then this post is for you.

Wedding Photography Costs in the US

On average, couples in the US pay 10 to 15% of their total wedding budget to a photographer. Isn’t sound like a lot? Yes, because it is really high. According to this Wedding Wire report, the average price for a wedding photographer in the US is $2,000 and tend to vary between $1,150 to $3,000. However, in cities like New York and San Francisco, wedding photography costs are closer to $4,000. And you can expect to pay to pay between $2,500 to $10,000 depending on your requirements, photographer’s experience, and his offerings.

Now, let’s discuss the average wedding photographer price in America’s 7 most-visited cities in detail:

1. New York

The average cost of a wedding photographer in New York ranges between $2,500 and $5,000. This range may or may not include an album, an associate photographer, or an assistant for the main photographer. A $2,500 wedding photographer includes a second photographer, an album, a bridal session, a rehearsal dinner coverage, and parent albums for that amount. Regardless of the range you pick, ensure that you know exactly what you would like to see in your final wedding collection and what you’re hoping to spend for the same.

2. San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities for weddings in California. The average price for a two-hour wedding photoshoot in the city ranges between $1,824 and $1,900. On an average, a one-hour wedding shoot can cost $1,140 – $1,200 and a four-hour photo shoot can cost $3,912 – $4,000. The prices of wedding photographers in San Francisco are 52% higher than the United States national average.

3. Philadelphia

This is known as the second most expensive city to tie the knot in the US. Trailing close behind NYC, the average cost you can expect to pay a photographer for a two-hour photo shoot in this city is approx $1,164. On an average, a one-hour wedding photoshoot can cost you $728 to $750 and a four-hour shoot can cost your $2,037 to $2,100. The wedding photographer costs in Philadelphia is 3% less than the US national average.

4. Pittsburgh

A beautiful city in western Pennsylvania which is renowned for its scenic views and award-winning restaurants, Pittsburgh has ranked as the third most expensive city in the US for weddings at an average cost of $14,287. The average cost for wedding photography in the city ranges between $1,500 and $3,000. But this scale can go up and down depending on the package you finalize.

5. San Jose

A city in California which can cost you an average amount of $13,418 to host your wedding. The average cost of hiring a wedding photographer in the city is $1,941. Most couples typically spend between $1,456 to $2,426 to shoot their precious wedding moments. For well-experienced professionals, you can expect to spend approx $3,883 or more.

6. Miami

Wedding photographers in Miami are known for capturing all types of coastal celebrations from relaxed beachside events to classic ballroom weddings and more. From a variety of photography styles to pick from, you can expect to pay an average price between $2,000 and $3,000 for a wedding photoshoot in Miami.

7. Las Vegas

Las Vegas offers a romantic and whirlwind atmosphere for couples to exchange their wedding vows. Whether you are planning to have a traditional wedding ceremony or a whirlwind elopement in the city, the average cost of a wedding photographer in Las Vegas ranges between $1,500 and $3,000.

Wedding photography is about memorable moments, it is about being able to revive your special day through unique pictures. Having a wedding album is a wonderful way to go into the flashback and live the moments again. You can see the emotions and excitement on the faces of your closed ones and smile at moments you didn’t even have any idea about. Overall, it’s about having a beautiful story that you can take with you forever.

It is important to keep in mind that the wedding photographer you select for your wedding can affect your wedding budget. Choosing your wedding photographer in the US can have a significant impact on your total wedding budget. So, be smart and choose your wedding venue wisely.