Wedding Caterers: How Much You Should Expect to Pay

When it comes planning a wedding, there are myriad of elements that come into play. One important thing that most guests care about is food. People often remember a wedding by whether or not they relished the food served! So, if you want your guests to have better food experience on your big day, hire a wedding caterer carefully.

Let’s get to know how much you should expect to pay for the wedding catering service. Although there are a lot of factors that can affect the budget of the wedding catering such as food menu style, staffed or self-service, beverages and more, we will try to give you a rough guess.

As per the Real Weddings study conducted by the Knot in 2015, the average cost of catering price per person was recorded to be $273.

Below are a few elements that will have a considerable impact on the cost of your wedding catering service.

Methods to Serve Wedding Food

How you want your meal to be served is a significant factor when determining your wedding catering cost. Some of the standard serving style options include Plated, Buffet, Family-Style, and Cocktail-Style. Remember, the average catering cost per person will vary depending on your wedding’s service style. For instance, in the United States, the average price for a plated meal is $40 per person, whereas, for a buffet, it costs $27 per person.

Average Alcohol Cost for a Wedding

Alcohol is an essential factor to consider while deciding your wedding catering budget. According to WeddingWire, an average starting cost for the bar service at a wedding in the US is $15 per person. Depending on your budget and your guests’ preferences, you have many options to pick from such as limited open bar, full open bar, and a cash bar. There is another option in terms of how you pay for the wedding bar – either a flat fee or per drink.

Wedding Caterer and Bartender Tip

In most cases, a caterer or bartender’s tip is already included in the wedding catering package as a part of the contract. If this is not the case, make wiggle room in your budget for the same. You may have to tip between 15-20% of your wedding catering cost according to BridalGuide.

Your wedding caterer can be the first vendor you hire after booking your wedding venue. The average wedding catering budget varies widely depending on various factors and budgeting. You can save a lot of money from your catering budget without sacrificing quality by working smartly with your caterer.